REST Annual Report 2019

Fiscal Year 2019 | July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

We exist to provide pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for victims of sex trafficking and people involved in the sex trade. 

Welcome to our Annual Report for fiscal year 2019. Within these pages, you’ll find information about commercial sexual exploitation in our community, and what REST is doing to offer pathways of freedom, safety, and hope for victims and survivors of the sex trade.

In Fiscal Year 2019, REST engaged with 785 victims and survivors of sexual exploitation.

A Note on Ethical Storytelling

At REST, we seek to honor survivor experiences and voices through the storytelling process. We are committed to telling survivors’ stories in a way that is empowering to them, contributes to their healing journey, and avoids re-exploitation.

We partner with survivors from the start, offering them the opportunity to choose how they want to be represented in their stories. We invite them to consider their own safety, future, and personal preference as they make these decisions. 

Throughout this Annual Report, you’ll get to follow the paths of four unique survivors who are courageously sharing their stories with you.

Kate, Esmé, and Becky each decided it was best for them to use a pseudonym and stock photo to represent themselves. They each chose their own pseudonym and photo. Wendy, a published author, decided to use her real name and a photo she provided.

Pieces of their stories are shared throughout the Annual Report. You can follow each survivor’s path to freedom, safety, and hope by looking for the color and image that matches their story. 

Kate’s Story
Esmé’s Story
Wendy’s Story
Becky’s Story

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