Our Team


Amanda Hightower

Executive Director

Amanda, one of the founders of REST, has over 12 years of experience working with individuals in the sex trade. Amanda has her BSc in Psychology from Northwest University and an MSW from the University of Washington. She loves cooking and eating really good food.


Julie Mcnamara-Dahl

Director of Engagement

Julie is responsible for engaging the community to support REST. She felt called to leave her corporate career and joined REST after working at a non-profit serving trafficking survivors in Reno, NV. She loves hiking, gardening and inviting others to join REST in our mission.


Tasha McCoy

Director of Finance and Administration

Tasha manages REST’s human resources and finance department. Before joining REST, she obtained a BS in Public Administration specializing in Financial Management for NFPs and a certification in Human Resources. Tasha is passionate about education, art, and wearable technology.


Audrey Baedke

Programs Manager

Audrey oversees all REST programs. She majored in Multicultural Studies and has worked with individuals in the sex trade for 15 years. She celebrates genuine relationships and honest conversations. When she is not working, she is climbing trees and riding bikes with her two kids.


Carolyn Eller

Events Manager

Carolyn manages events at REST. She comes from a background in development and events management in the arts and music industries. She's passionate about social justice issues & people believing they're worthy of love, always wants to throw a dinner party, and loves to cycle.


Vanessa lim

Volunteer Coordinator

Vanessa manages volunteer opportunities and relationships. She holds a degree in psychology and has experience coordinating events and volunteers. She cares deeply about walking with those who have experienced trauma and approaching difficult issues with grace and truth.

Kim Merrikin

Media & Communication Manager

Kim is responsible for marketing, media, and communications at REST. She comes from a background in writing, design, and digital communications and marketing. She's passionate about women's issues and justice and loves Jesus, ice skating, and camping.

Board of Directors

Each of our board members are devoted to ending exploitation. We are grateful for their continued passion and expertise as they help us achieve our mission.

Brent Turner, Board Chairman / Chief Operating Officer, Rover.com

Karen Cobb, Board Secretary / Attorney at Law, Frey Buck, P.S.

Will Little, Board Member / Managing Director, Prota Ventures

Renee Wallace, Board Member / Health Care Access Advocate, YWCA, Survivor

Jesse Bryan, Board Member / Founding Partner & Creative Director, Belief Agency

Jonathan Lamb, Board Member / Managing Director, Regent Advisors Investments