On any given night in Seattle, hundreds will be sold for sex.

Our goal is simple — freedom, safety, and hope to women & girls exploited by the sex trade.

Each year, we provide direct services to hundreds of people exploited by the sex trade in Seattle and the greater King County area. Through our holistic continuum of care (prevention, intervention, and aftercare), we serve those who are at-risk, actively in, and those taking steps towards exiting a life of sexual exploitation. Our desire is to see Washington become hostile to traffickers and to work ourselves out of a job.

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"The World’s Terrible Truths are Never Solved by Turning a Blind Eye,” & Other Important Lesson’s Learned at Microsoft’s 2016 //oneweek Hackathon.

Written by Bridget Battistoni
on October 17, 2016

Danielle, a Microsoft employee, volunteered her time to Hack for Good at Microsoft’s //oneweek Hackathon for REST’s Project Reach Out and met a survivor of sex trafficking and employee of REST who privately shared her story to help inform the project participants. Danielle sent us this letter about the profound impact this survivor had on her. **The survivor’s name has been changed...

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