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Supporter and donor Kay Studevant

“Together, we can make a difference!”

Prior to February 2015, Kay Studevant had no idea that sex trafficking existed right here in Washington State. That changed when someone from REST presented at her church and spoke about the thousands of individuals who were being exploited right here in King County. 

I was grieved and deeply moved when I learned about [sex trafficking]. I remember crying as I listened to him speak… it broke my heart to learn of this horrific and heartbreaking exploitation.
— Kay

She immediately knew she wanted to get involved and attended a REST Training Day, our quarterly training on the dynamics of commercial sexual exploitation for potential volunteers, supporters, and community members. Even after attending, however, she still didn’t quite know how she could support REST. Joining a client services team didn’t seem like the right fit for her.

Many months later, the idea of hosting a fundraiser for REST came up with a close friend. She had never done it before—but was excited to rally others to support such an important cause. So, with the help of friends, Kay became a REST volunteer and has organized her “A Taste of Freedom” fundraiser for the last three years.

“It moves me so deeply to see how much people care and give. It restores my faith in humanity when I see this!  

I love it when people tell me after an event that they had no idea that this was going on here in King County. It feels good to know that the word is getting out. As we shine the light on the problem, solutions can emerge.”

Now, over four years later, Kay remains an active and engaged volunteer, donor, and avid supporter of REST. The money raised by Kay’s event (over $30,000 and counting) has made a lasting impact in the lives of sex trafficking survivors, and she is preparing to host her fourth fundraiser.

Kay is passionate about encouraging others to get involved, too.

Whatever it is that you are uniquely able to do to engage in this cause—do it! You will be glad you did! Together, we can make a difference!
— Kay


In all that we do, REST seeks to steward the resources we’re entrusted with well—maximizing the impact we’re able to make for and with survivors of sexual exploitation. 

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REST Statement of Financial Position


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Funding Sources

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“I love you, I respect you, and you’re worth it.” 

Becky’s Story

Becky often recites that refrain to herself in the mirror, as she looks at the woman who survived all that she’s been through—and has now been out of the sex trade and pursuing new goals for 18 months. 

With REST’s help alongside her own strength and determination, she now has a place to live, her daughter recently moved in with her, and she has a job working with animals. 

Life isn’t perfect—she still has to navigate the complicated relationship with her former abuser who is the father of her three children. She still sometimes struggles to maintain a job after twenty years outside of the workforce. It’s still a work in progress.

But progress counts. When Becky first started reciting that refrain, she couldn’t get past saying “I love you” to herself without welling up in tears—and can now confidently recite the full refrain to herself in the mirror. 

“I know my worth,” she says. 

REST Leadership Team

Amanda Hightower / Founder & Executive Director

Julie McNamara-Dahl / Director of Engagement

Tasha McCoy / Director of Finance & Administration

Crystal Bailey / Director of Programs

Audrey Baedke / Programs Manager

Kim Merrikin / Media & Communication Manager

Jacquelynn Loos / Community Advocate Supervisor

Christina Reid / Emergency Receiving Center Supervisor

Bronwyn Talaga /  Residential Program Supervisor

Board of Directors

Each of our board members is devoted to ending exploitation. We are grateful for their continued passion and expertise as they help us achieve our mission.

Brent Turner, Board Chairman / Chief Operating Officer,

Karen Cobb, Board Secretary / Attorney at Law, Frey Buck, P.S.

Will Little, Board Member / Managing Director, Prota Ventures

Renee Wallace, Board Member / Health Care Access Advocate, YWCA, Survivor

Jesse Bryan, Board Member / Founding Partner & Creative Director, Belief Agency

Jonathan Lamb, Board Member / Managing Director, Regent Advisors Investments

Gina Cittadini, Board Member / Metro Business Banking, Assistant Vice President, US Bank

National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance

Over the last three years, REST’s Executive Director Amanda Hightower has been helping to inform and develop the National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance (NTSA). In 2017, a national survey found that the average amount of time direct service agencies had been providing services to survivors of sex trafficking was just over five years. The reality is that this is a very young field and many organizations in this effort are not surviving their first years of operation. REST mentors younger organizations as a way to create pathways for survivors beyond our services in Washington, and now we are helping extend those pathways across the nation. 

In 2018, the NTSA launched with the goal of building a network of residential service providers who are committed to enhancing services and increasing access to care for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. The NTSA has three primary objectives:

  1. Implementing an efficient referral system so that survivors can access quality care that matches their unique needs more efficiently. 

  2. Building the capacity of residential programs through skill development, training, resource-sharing, and collaboration. 

  3. Developing an accreditation for services by utilizing research to identify standards of care that lead to positive and lasting outcomes for survivors, and then qualifying service providers against those standards. 

We are thrilled to be contributing to the mission of the NTSA and support more than 40 other service providers in their efforts to provide quality care for survivors of sexual exploitation.

You may have noticed REST’s new look…

Toward the end of FY19, with the help of Belief Agency, REST rebranded. After years of having a very somber and serious look that reflected how we feel about the sex trade and sex trafficking, we decided it was time to turn from the darkness, and shift toward the light. We wanted to represent the strength, tenacity, and hope that we see as we walk alongside sexually exploited individuals. 

In our new logo, you’ll see an open door—an invitation to those who have experienced the sex trade to come to REST and receive unconditional care through our programs. 

REST’s former logo

<< Former logo

New logo >>

REST logo
Illustrations by volunteer Betsy Cauffman.

New REST illustrations by volunteer artist Betsy Cauffman.

Thank You

To the four survivors who bravely shared their stories for this annual report. 

To Christina Reid and Kay Studevant, who also shared their stories. 

To every single donor, volunteer, and supporter who helped create pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation. 

For a fully cited version of this annual report, download the PDF version.

REST Fiscal Year: July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019

Photography information: Many of the photographs in this annual report are stock photography, and feature models used for illustrative purposes only. With a few carefully evaluated exceptions and explicit client permission, we do not share photos of clients. Wendy and Kay Studevant provided their own photograph. Christina Reid’s photograph was taken by Kim Merrikin.

You deserve to be loved.