Amanda Hightower, REST Executive Director

A Note from Amanda

In the early days of REST we set out with this aim in mind: build relationships with people being sexually exploited and show up when they asked for help. We were committed to helping find the resources they needed to exit the sex trade and achieve their goals—and when those resources didn’t exist, or didn’t work, we would build them. 

For 10 years we have been providing pathways to freedom, safety, and hope for survivors of sex trafficking and exploitation. Everyone’s path out of exploitation is unique. Each survivor’s journey is filled with distinct twists, turns, hills, valleys, and victories—and every survivor brings their own unique strengths, needs, culture, and dreams. We deeply believe that every single one of them is worthy of love and deserves the opportunity to chart their own path out of exploitation.

Knowing that 785 people reached out to REST in the last year in hopes of finding their path leaves me both humbled and determined. I’m humbled by the reality that REST is fulfilling its mission as we witness survivors taking courageous steps toward freedom, safety, and hope every single day. And I’m determined to continue the fight against exploitation—alongside you, our partners, law enforcement, and the hundreds of survivors who are finding their freedom and using their voice to put an end to sex trafficking. Thank you for being part of this journey with us, and making every path out of exploitation possible. 


Amanda Hightower | Executive Director

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