What Happens When 500 People Come Together and Give REST

We’ve always known that you who partner with REST are some of the most hard-working and compassionate people around. And that you’re motivated to use your talents and resources to change our world for the better. We’re grateful you see love for your community as a long-term commitment and that you think about impacting the world now and for generations to come. We do, too. In fact, because of these commonalities, we’ve already accomplished so much together. Your commitment to care for the sexually exploited in our community has allowed REST to flourish, which has allowed our clients, like Sophia, to flourish as well.

Our team and clients are still buzzing about how five hundred people came together and, in just a few hours, raised two hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Incredible.

As we’ve tallied the totals, we have not seen merely dollars, but the crucial services these dollars will provide: short and long-term housing for girls and young women who would have prostituted for hotel rooms or slept on the streets; access to case management and mentorship, both of which provide the support needed to take steps away from exploiters; counseling, life skills, and education, which are the building blocks for a sustainable life outside the sex trade; and so many other services we couldn’t provide without your generosity. This is the rest you gave. And it is significant for Sophia and the hundreds more like her in our community.

We know that you have many financial obligations and that your dollars must work extremely hard, which makes your generosity at A Night of REST inspirational and a privilege to steward. We want you to know that we take the same approach, putting your dollars to hard work in our community. In fact, many of you may not know that last year REST was the recipient of Seattle Met’s “Most with the Least” award, which recognized us as Seattle’s most efficient nonprofit. We are proud of that recognition and are committed to continue operating this way.

REST is dedicated to creating pathways to freedom, safety and hope for girls and young women exploited for commercial sex. We work to expand opportunities for our clients, so they can dream again about their future. You have made it possible to offer relationships and resources that help them envision a life free from violence and increase their access to health services and education. Thank you for allowing this necessary and difficult work to continue.

We’ve heard from many of you that you’d like to stay in touch. As we mentioned this weekend, we’ve spent months searching for, designing, and building our new office headquarters; we will be opening soon, and we can’t wait to invite you to our open house! If you are interested in attending, please be sure to sign up for our REST newsletter. There you will also be able to find information regarding our next REST Training Day. We promise not to overwhelm you with communication, but to keep you apprised of how your partnership is making an impact.

Again, thank you for joining us for A Night of REST! We look forward to a future where girls and young women are no longer sold like commodities, but honored and loved as image bearers of our God.

With much respect and sincere gratitude,

The REST Team