A Penny for your Thoughts? Survivor Feedback is Gold.

There are many ways of determining success. Since the beginning, REST’s metric has been simple: to provide help and hope to the people we serve. 
How are we doing? Let’s hear directly from them: 

“If I didn’t have the REST House, I’d probably be dead.”- Shelter guest, age 24

  • “REST is the right place for me.” - Shelter guest, age 22

  • “The only supportive family I have is the REST House staff.” - Resident, age 20

  • “I feel safe and protected by you.” - Survivor staff

  • “I feel like I was able to connect to [another resident] 100% because you guys planned cultural awareness month. Thank you.” - Resident, age 21

  • “This is the longest I’ve stayed sober in as long as I can remember. It’s easy to stay clean when you’ve got a place to sleep.” Shelter guest, age 21

  • “I feel this is the only place that meets my needs.” - Shelter guest, age 50

  • “I’ve never had a safe place to live with my daughter until I came to the REST House.” -Resident, age 28

  • “I can be real with you guys, I feel like because I don’t have to hide who I am or what I’m struggling with, I’ll actually be able to get real help this time. I can’t thank you enough.” Shelter guest, age 34

  • “I finally have a place to deal with my trauma.” Resident, age 35

  • “REST has set me up for success.” - Survivor staff

  • “I know I can call you.” - Hotline caller

  • “I thank God every day for this shelter. I had a plan to kill myself and then I found this place.” — Shelter guest, age 32

We are grateful for the opportunity to know and serve alongside our clients. Their incredible sentiments would not be possible without all of you, who support our work. Together, our community’s landscape is changing, and together, we are having a positive impact on hundreds of lives. Thank you so much for your generosity.