Emergency Receiving Center

The REST Emergency Receiving Center (ERC) is home to two critical elements of our services: our Emergency Shelter, and our 24/7 Hotline.


The hotline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Skilled team members respond to calls or texts from individuals who are in need of assistance, or service providers and law enforcement who would like to make a referral. Through the hotline, we can provide emotional support and safety planning, help survivors connect to the services they need, screen for intake into the emergency shelter, and start the process for screening into the REST House.

Each year we receive thousands of calls and texts to our hotline from hundreds of individuals.

Emergency Shelter

A major barrier for many individuals attempting to leave the sex trade is housing—over half of sexually exploited individuals have experienced homelessness or unstable housing. Our low-barrier Emergency Shelter provides individual rooms for seven women to stay for 30–90 days. This is a place for women to rest, stabilize, and identify the next steps on their healing and recovery journey. For our shelter guests, we provide food and hygiene supplies, and assistance to access resources like medical care, mental health and chemical dependency services. Our Housing Specialist helps shelter guests find safe and stable housing for after their shelter stay.

Since opening in November of 2016, our shelter has operated at over 90% capacity, providing over 2,300 bed nights annually.