Community Advocacy

“I was on the hotline Sunday, and got a call from a woman in tears. She was assaulted and robbed the night before and needed help. She said, ‘You have texted me on all of my numbers and when this happened, I knew I could call you.’ I met with her that day and am meeting with her again this afternoon.”
— REST Advocate

Case Management

The Community Advocacy program provides assistance to people involved in or exiting the sex trade throughout King County. Advocates provide consistent relationships and case management to help individuals of any age or gender identify their needs, access resources, build a community of support, and reach the goals that are most important to them.

REST advocates help clients achieve hundreds of self-identified goals every year—including housing, employment, education, health, reunification with children, and many other goals that lead to self-sufficiency. Read our Annual Report for more details.


REST began with street outreach, and as the marketplace for the sex trade moved online, we shifted our efforts to text outreach using a platform that was developed in partnership with Seattle Against Slavery and Microsoft Hackathon volunteers. Through this platform we have been able to offer services and provide a message of hope to over 13,000 potential victims who were being advertised for sex online. When a major upheaval in the sex industry occurred in early 2018, we saw a significant shift back to street-based prostitution. In response, we relaunched our Street Outreach Team to offer relationship and services to individuals being exploited on the streets. Today, we operate both street and text outreach. Learn more about street outreach.