Group Activities

Whether your group is small or large—we’ve got something for you! We can arrange group activities on-site at your organization, give you tools to raise funds or items for REST, or connect your group with on-site tasks at REST. Rally your friends, coworkers, neighborhood, or church group to do a project!


Build comfort kits

Comfort Kits are provided to victims who are recovered by the police or otherwise leave the sex trade. These kits include comfortable clothing and hygiene items that many of our clients haven’t had access to. Your group can gather the items and assemble the kits together.


Host a donation drive

We have many needs at REST for material donations ranging from clothes for all genders and sizes and hygiene items, to needs for gift cards and occasional bigger needs for things like furniture. Donation drives are excellent ways for corporate groups and churches to pool their resources and make a difference in the lives of victims and survivors of the sex trade.

Host a book club

REST direct service volunteers are asked to read the book Girls Like Us by survivor Rachel Lloyd. This book can promote awareness of the causes and impacts of sex trafficking and prompt valuable conversation. Schedule permitting, REST may be able to provide a team member to join your book club discussion and answer questions.

Host a fundraiser

Supporter-lead fundraisers are an excellent way to connect new people with the mission of REST, while raising critical financial support for our services. You can host a fundraiser at your house, in a community space, at work, and more! We’d love to hear your ideas!

Facilities Projects

With a Drop-In Center, the REST House, and our Emergency Shelter, we often need teams to help us keep our survivor spaces clean, orderly, and safe. Facilities projects are a great option for corporate serving days, church community projects, and other similar groups.

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