Washington’s Buyer Beware Campaign Moves the State One Step Closer to Being Inhospitable to Traffickers

  In 2011, sex buyers tipped their hands and disclosed what they believed would dissuade them from using women involved in prostitution. In the comprehensive study, “Comparing Sex Buyers with Men Who Don’t Buy Sex,” Melissa Farley, PHD, Founding Director … Continue reading

How Celebrity Hacks Reveal Privilege

By now, you’ve likely seen headlines about the hacking of more than one hundred celebrities’ iCloud accounts and the subsequent release of their nude photos and intimate videos. These celebrities, as well as the public, were rightly outraged at the … Continue reading

Dear Jim Norton, You’re Not Funny.

Recently, comedian Jim Norton, known for his crude talk and sexist comedy routines, wrote and article in Time called In Defense of Johns, in which he defends his right to pay women for sex acts. As a self-proclaimed expert, Norton writes, “I … Continue reading

Heroin is a Bad Boyfriend

“I had no idea this type of help was available.” These were the words that rang in my ears throughout the night and into the early morning, as I counted the hours for the sun to appear.  Asmine*, a forty-two … Continue reading

Men Who Buy Sex, Part 1: Sin is Trafficked Goodness

I sat with a man named Jeffrey who had been arrested on charges of soliciting prostitution. He is one of the tens of thousands of Seattle’s johns. In our first session together, Jeffrey remarked, “Friday afternoons are always the most … Continue reading